1st-6th Grade Enrollment


Neighborhood Enrollment for Grades 1 -6

If you live within the Theodore Judah neighborhood boundaries, you can register your children at the SCUSD Enrollment Center. 

For the 2019-20 school year, neighborhood enrollment for grades 1 – 6 begins in June 2019 at the SCUSD Enrollment Center.

Open Enrollment

2019-20 Open Enrollment will take place in early 2019. If Theodore Judah is not your school of residence, and you wish to apply, please fill out your Open Enrollment application on the district website when that process begins (exact dates will be announced).

Open Enrollment will be made available based on space availability in grades K-6. If your child is accepted, Theodore Judah then becomes the school of residence through grade 6. There is no need to annually re-apply.


Families may also apply by submitting a completed permit application to our SCUSD Enrollment Center. Permits are approved based on space availability.